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5 copywriting tips for better sales

5 copywriting tips for better sales

Copywriting is an essential element of every Website and Landing page. With a help of the text you lead your customers through the sales funnel and convince them to purchase your goods.

So here are several tips of how to improve your texts:

1. Show your drawbacks.

It is easier to believe you, if you are not trying to convince everybody that your product is perfect, but show its little drawbacks. This way your product looks more real and your words seem to be worth trust. Though it is important that a defect you show is not big and doesn't affect main product advantages.

2. Specialization.

More narrow is your target audience and more targeted is your offer – more sales you make. Try to divide your audience to different segments and create special landing and offer for every of them. For example, you sell musical instruments. Create different offers for those who is only beginning to learn, for good players who play at home and for professionals who perform on big stages. They all have different needs and triggers.

3. Change the name.

Sometimes a product is not being sold well just because of its untoward name. Try to find out what words are familiar to your target audience and have a good resonance, or use intriguing and scandal expressions to attract attention. You can also include slang and professional terms of your target audience – it will definitely work well.

4. A call to imagination.

Have you ever wondered, how to make readers interact with your text? Appeal to their imagination! Begin your text or header with words like "Imagine that..." or "What if you were..." or "Remember how...". Such calls get readers attached to the text and make them read it carefully to the end.

5. More "You", less "Us".

When you are writing a text, try to write more about the advantages a person gets from working with you and not about your goods or services themselves. What phrase would interest you more: "We will select the best tour for you and your family" or "You and your family will have unforgettable holidays with our tour"? People are egoistic, so write about their profits!


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