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Online education — pros and cons

Online education — pros and cons

Online education is one of the most popular trends. More and more people get new competences and even master new professions through the internet.

There are obvious advantages of this type of education, such as:

Convenience You can study from any place and anytime.

Lower price As a rule, online courses are cheaper than their offline analogs.

Availability You can learn from very famous and successful people even if you have no chance of meeting them in real life.

New contacts from all over the world During online courses you can meet lots of interesting people from all over the planet that share your interests.

You can study from any place and anytime.

But online studying has its disadvantages too:

You depend on the internet connection If your provider is having problems with the network – you're stuck.

It's hard to turn knowledge into skills Online courses give a lot of information, but do not always explain how to use it correctly.

Not enough communication Both with a trainer and with other people. As you don't have a direct access to your coach, you may have to wait for a long time before you get an answer to your question, even if you need it here and now.

Disability to organize studying process If you don't have enough self-discipline, you may ruin your online education yourself by missing lessons and forgetting about home tasks.

So, to what conclusion does it bring us? Online education isn't good or bad. It is another opportunity to improve yourself, and if used correctly – it can bring a lot of profit.


Have you ever taken any online course? How did it affect you? Share your experience in comments!

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