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Audience segmentation

Audience segmentation

Personalization is the future of internet marketing. New CRM systems, analytics services and other online features give you an unique opportunity to find out a lot of information about your users. Then you can segment them and send only offers they're really interested in.

We've created a little list of characteristics, basing on which you can segment your customers to make your marketing strategy more effective:

Male/Female Divide men and women into different categories.

Age, marital status If your product requires it, you can also segment users depending on these factors.

Location (Geo) i.e. Choose for advertisement only users in your area to give them a free delivery.

Behavior Divide new purchases and repeated purchases, new and returning customers.

Preferences What browsers do people use, do they prefer mobile or desktop...

Social interactions Do users follow you in social media, are they active etc.

Loyalty to the brand Make several segments:

a) those who subscribed to your mailing list from a landing;

b) those who subscribed to get an e-book or other lead-magnet;

c) those who used coupons or promo-codes etc.

Careful segmentation is a key to personalization. Use it in your marketing and see your sales grow!


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