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6 steps to a productive day

6 steps to a productive day

Have you ever been in a situation, when you spent the whole day doing anything, but not what you needed to do? We have.

But this is not good, is it?

We've figured out 6 steps using which we made our days more productive. Maybe they'll help you too.

1. Reward yourself in the end Motivate yourself to finish difficult tasks by rewarding yourself with some little gifts. A gift may be an activity that you like (I will go to the cafe with my friend after I finish my report) or something tasty (I'll eat that piece of cake after I write an essay).

2. Take breaks The researches have shown, that the most effective workers make 17-minute breaks every 52 minutes of work.

3. Switch to something else "The best rest is changing the type of activity". If you are tired of one kind of work, switch to another and then turn back with more strength.

"The best rest is changing the type of activity".

4. Forget about "Delete" key When you're writing a draft, don't try to make it perfect from the first try. Don't limit yourself – give freedom to your creativity! You'll fix mistakes later.

5. Make plans It's always easier to work, if you have a plan. Set deadlines and provide for the time to rest.

6. Do something you fear the most at the first place There's always something that you don't want to do: something difficult, something you don't like... So it's better to finish this thing first to spare time for something more pleasant!

Now you know exactly how to make your day more productive.


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