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4 steps to the journey-driven design

4 steps to the journey-driven design

Good user experience is essential for a website effectiveness. Year to year user journey changes, and you always need to stay tuned about new tendencies and trends.

There are 4 steps that will get you closer to the journey-driven design:

1. Start from researching your audience Ask them how they usually achieve their goals in context of your site. Do they use mobile devices? Smart watches? What is comfortable for them and what isn't?

2. Determine problematic points Find out, what usually stops your users from committing a target action. At which points do you see an outflow?

3. Watch every step in the journey At the stage of designing and adopting your website for different devices, make sure that every step is really needed. If you can make the journey easier, do it!

4. Test your journey After you've made some improvements, don't forget to test them and look at the analytics.


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