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Gestalt psychology in web design

Gestalt psychology in web design

Gestalt psychology states that we tend to perceive a group of objects as one whole instead of a simple sum of these objects.

There are 6 gestalt principals that you can use in web design to make it more attractive for people:

1. Figure - ground When we look at the picture, we unconsciously divide it into an object (a figure) and a ground.

2. Similarity Objects with similar characteristics are placed in one group. Such characteristics can be: color, size, shape, font, form, texture etc.

3. Proximity We put together objects that are near each other.

4. Closure Our mind fills the gaps in a picture to form a finished image.

5. Continuity We follow the view of objects that are visually aligned until they are interrupted.

6. Order Alignment and symmetry are attractive to the human eye and they are important elements of design.

Try to use these principals in your design and see the magic of gestalt psychology!


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