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Lead Magnet and its types

Lead Magnet is a valuable and free offer for your client which he can get in exchange to commiting Target Action (usually email or other contacts).

Lead magnet is one of the best sales mechanisms as it helps a client to get acquainted with your brand and it helps you to show yourself as an expert in your niche. Besides, with a help of it, you can collect different data of your clients.

There are several types of Lead Magnets, you can choose the one which is the most suitable for your business:

  • Brochures (or mini-books with recomendations)

  • Gifts

  • Discounts

  • Books

  • Check-Lists

  • Free lessons

  • Free consultations

  • Webinars

  • Seminars

  • Instructions

  • Podcasts

Create a landing with one of these Lead Magnets and use the data you collect from your customers for email marketing and retargeting. You'll be surprized how fast your sales will go up!


Impressive plugins will help you to make your landing beautiful and catchy.

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