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Interactive emails. Advantages.

2017 was claimed by internet marketers to be a year of interactive emails. Interactive emails are letters where a user can activate some additional content without having to switch to a website or an app. On the one hand, it eases the interaction and improves UX, but on the other hand this way of connection with users brings lots of troubles.

Today we'll discuss the advantages of interactive emails, and tomorrow we'll talk about their disadvantages.

Advantage 1:

Interactive emails can include hamburger menu.

Such menus save the screen space and yet allow to easily access navigation links.

Advantage 2:

You can place carousels and picture galleries into interactive emails.

Companies like Lego and B&Q have proven the effectiveness of this.

Advantage 3:

"Add to cart" function right in an email.

This is the most obvious way to use interactive emails for sales. Let your customers choose goods without leaving their mailboxes and then redirect them to your site to make a purchase.

Advantage 4:

Interactive quizzes and polls.

Polls, quizzes and questions of the month (week) are a very good way to engage with your subscribers.

Looks like there are quite a lot of advantages of using interactive emails! But don't rush. Tomorrow we'll tell you everything about the problems you'll face when you decide to implement this instrument into your marketing strategy.


Stay tuned!

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