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How video affects mobile UX

We all know that video content is one of the most effective for attracting attention and raising conversion. But aside of it, video files increase page size and slow down website loading, which badly affects User Experience. Moreover, sometimes videos do not work well – they freeze, stop and play in bad quality. All of it must be fixed if you want your users to have good user experience on your mobile website.

At first, video shouldn't affect the speed of page loading.

Even if there is a video on your page, let a browser load only a teaser image and a play button. There is no need to load the whole video, as user might not want to watch it at all.

Secondly, turn off auto-loading.

This is what slows UX down the most. Besides, auto-loading is also bad for accessibility, as it will disturb those who can't read from the screen and uses a screen announcer.

Thirdly, don't use audio. Audio tracks load very slowly.

When a user has turned on a video on your site, you need to make sure that it starts playing immediately, it doesn't freeze and it has several quality options between which a user can switch. Then you can say that video on your site won't ever ruin your UX.


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