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5 resources with free music for videos

5 resources with free music for videos

Are you a video blogger? Or maybe you use Youtube to promote your brand? Either way you need to create cool videos. And every cool video must have a background music.

Here are 10 resources where you can find any tracks you need for free.

1. Youtube audio library. Youtube has its own audio library where you can find public Domain tracks for free use or the ones with Creative Commons license (which means that you still can use the music for free if you write a name of an author in the description). There are filters by genre, mood, instruments etc.

2. Free Music Archive (FMA). One more source of free music! All FMA`s MP3s are prepared to be used in any context without infringing copyright. You can find tracks with both Public Domain and Creative Commons licenses.

3. SoundCloud. This site has an amazing choice of background music, which sounds really great. All tracks here are protected with Creative Commons license, which means that you can use them for free if you follow the recommendations of their authors. It might take you some time to learn to navigate on this site, but it's worth it!

4. Freeplay Music. Freeplay Music is on a high stage of the industry. Here you can find masterpieces which will never be published anywhere else. If you use Freeplay Music for your personal purposes, you can use all tracks for free. For commercial use you'll have to pay from $0,99 per song.

5. Amazon music. Amazon is everywhere! Even here in music industry it offers 56 thousands melodies and soundtracks for public use. All tracks are well-organized by genre, so it's quite easy to choose the one that fits you well.

Now you know where to find great music to create effective videos and save your money.


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