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Improving usability of a cart in e-commerce

On many sites the bounce rate of carts is about 50%. Quite a lot, you'll say, and you'll be right. What makes users leave their carts with the goods they've chosen and how to stop this from happening? Let's find out!

First thing that scares away customers is uncertainty about the estimated time and price of the delivery.

You may have this information in one of sections of your site (i.e. in FAQ), but some people don't get to these pages and proceed to purchasing right away. For these people you need to add delivery conditions to the cart page, otherwise they might leave the cart find this information.

A good way to understand why people leave their carts is also to look at the Heatmap of your site. Heatmap shows, which areas of a page were the most attractive for users and where they didn't look at all. With a help of this map you can determine a moment when users leave the page and try to find a reason of this behavior.

Work on your cart and have more sales!

Coupons are one more reason of the abandoned carts. Well, not coupons themselves, but a field for a coupon code. The thing is that when a potential buyer sees this coupon field, one may want to get a discount and goes to serf the internet in order to find one. Chances that one will come back are not really high.

So, what you should do is:

a) Get rid of all coupon fields if you're not carrying out a sale at the moment;

b) Hide a coupon field in an unfolding section (this way it won't attract too much attention, while those who has a discount will find it anyway);

c) Create a special page on your own site with all coupons you have active, so you could prevent the loss of customers.


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