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Why every offer needs its own landing

As we wrote here, the quantity of leads rises up to 55% when there are 15 landing pages instead of 10. This means that if you have several offers, marketing campaigns or target audiences, you need to create a special landing for every each of them.

But why is that? Why to spend so much time on making landing pages instead of ad campaigns or something else?

Because the effectiveness of your landing depends on how well it corresponds with the demands of the users.

48% of marketers create a new landing for every advertising campaign.

Every good landing must:

a) Have a logo and a name of your company in the header. People need to understand who they are interacting with.

b) Use the same pictures as on a banner or in ads. When a person comes to your landing from an ad, one needs to recognize an offer. So use the same pictures and fonts as in your promotional materials.

c) Have the same offer as in ads. Again, a user needs to see that one came where one wanted to come when clicking on an ad. An offer on a landing must repeat an offer in an ad and reinforce it with some additional pictures and descriptions.


Hope now you understand why every offer needs its own landing page and how to realize it. If you like this article, subscribe to our page and read more every day!

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