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10 facts about optimization and conversion

There are many myths and articles about boosting conversion and website optimization, so we-ve prepared a few facts for you to make your own conclusions.

1. Only 52% of companies that use landings test them in order to increase conversion. 2. An average quantity of fields in lead forms is 11, while cutting them down to 4 could increase conversion up to 120%. 3. An optional quantity of fields in a lead form on landings is 3. 4. 48% of marketers create a new landing for every advertising campaign. 5. 16% of landings don't have navigation panel. (while sometimes deleting navigation can lead to conversion growth up to 100%) 6. 56% of marketers make slit-tests. 7. Only 22% of companies are satisfied with their conversion rate. 8. An average conversion rate of any site is 2,35%. 9. Video on landing pages can increase conversion up to 86%. 10. The quantity of leads rises up to 55% when there are 15 landing pages instead of 10.

*Basing on the materials of


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