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5 easy ways to ruin a font

There are many situations which can make us look for a specific font: when we create a logo for a brand, when we write a text on a site, when we want to make an inscription on a picture, etc. But sometimes, when we can't find a font we need – we start trying to change one of the fonts we've got. This is a very big mistake.

Here are 5 main ways you can ruin a font, and we never want you to use any of them:

1. Deformation Deformation means stretching a font in height or width. Why you shouldn't do that? Because every font is made considering proportions of every letter. A text written in such letters is good-looking and readable. Stretching a font destroys these accurate proportions and reduces readability.

If you want to find a font with higher letters, look for it in a search using "condensed" tag; for a font with wider letters – use tags "wide" and "extended".

Every font is made considering proportions of every letter.

2. Effects What is an aim of a text? To clearly give information to its readers. Such effects as 3D, shadows and textures overload your text and disturb people from the main idea. If you think that these effects can help you distinguish a text from a background, you may think of solving the next problem first.

3. Bad combination of a text and a background If you have a monochrome background, all you need is to choose a contrast color for a text. But if your background is a picture or a texture, things might get harder. Sometimes it's acceptable to write text on a backing of contrast color, but still a perfect option would be to find a suitable picture with enough place for your text.

4. Wrong distance A distance between symbols is very important for the convenient reading. Don't try to situate letters and paragraphs too close to each other or too far from each other. Also watch indents from the edges.

5. All capitals A text written in capitals has a very monotonous structure, which obstructs reading. It's perceived like a noise, because an eye has nothing to cling to. A sentence starting with a capital letter will be much more easy to read than the one in all capitals.

So, now you know 5 ways to ruin any font. We hope, you'll never use them. And we also hope that you liked this article and you'll subscribe to our page to read more of its kind every day! Subscribe now!


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