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Mobile UX — navigation at the bottom of a screen

Every developer and web designer knows, that design is not only about a good look, but also about a comfortable use of a website or an app.

On mobile devices navigation at the bottom of a screen is very comfortable, because it is situated in an area easily accessable with a thumb.

That's what you need to know about navigation at the bottom:

✔️ Use 3 to 5 items in the menu Less quantity doesn't look good and more points can confuse users.

Avoid scrolling Don't let your menu become big enough to need horizontal scrolling. You better place extra items to another place.

✔️ Mark current position At what section is a user at the moment? Highlight an icon of this section in the menu, or emphasise it with color, so a user can understand where one is.

Be careful with text labels Don't use long text labels. They are inconvenient to read. Select short and clear names for the parts of your menu.

✔️ Make buttons big enough ..So a user can easily hit them with one`s thumb.


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