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5 important webpages you've forgotten about

When you think of content marketing – what comes to your mind? Social media? Blog posts?

But how about 404 page, "About us" page or FAQ? Aren't these pages an enormous source of information for your clients and a great instrument of content marketing for you?

FAQ In most cases site creators simply place 5-15 questions to this section and give short answers to them. But this information is not enough! FAQ is a section which can be useful not only for your clients, but also for your site`s SEO. Divide questions into categories, create a sub-landing for every category and enjoy better ranging in a search. Give full and precise answers to every question.

404 page Do you actually know what your 404 page looks like? Have you ever thought of turning it into another instrument of conversion? 404 pages can entertain users and redirect them back to useful pages. Sometimes you can even place a lead form there! Seeing 404 page is a negative experience for every user, so at first tell users what happened - why did they get to this page? Secondly - ask them, what do they want to do next? What page do they wand to visit? Try to make your 404 page as funny and useful as you can.

404 pages can entertain users and redirect them back to useful pages.

About us At this page avoid any cliches and long boring texts. Talk to people on their language - tell them who you are, what you do and how you can help them to make their lives better. It would be good if you showed your own photo or a photo of your team members on this page. It gets your customers closer to you.

"Unavailable" page This is a page which tells customers that a product they want to buy is not available at the moment. Another example of a bad UX, you say. Not necessarily! Instead of a missing product offer your customers a choice among similar goods. But be careful when choosing criteria for selecting those: what is more important for a client – size, color, or some other points?

"Thank you" page After a person has bought a product on your site or turned into a lead, your work with one has only started. Your "Thank you" page must lead users further into your sales funnel. Offer an update of a product, present another lead magnet, offer a discount for future purchases - these are the easiest things you can do to turn your "Thank you" page into an effective marketing instrument.

Revise a content on these pages on your site and use their full potential!


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