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Impressive Tooltips

Add tooltips on your Wix site to give your visitors
helpful info about your site
Large style
Image, audio, link  inside the tooltip
Social media 
icons connected
Animations and
sound effects
Navigate by putting
a hyperlink

Make your tooltips even more impressive than before

Style Library

Say no to boring tooltips! Use different forms to impress visitors and convey the special mood of your site.

Choose from a variety of professional or fun layout designs like round, curved, comics and more


Interaction with other sites

Interact with third-party resources through

direct links and icons. Route traffic to

another site or advertise your

social networks.

Set up and share

Take advantage of all the tools to create really impressive tooltips.

      Change the shape of the tooltip.

      Add a logo or other picture.

      Choose the sound of the tooltip.

      Pick an animation.

      Impressive tooltip ready!


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